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    Meet Dr. Sumbul Naqvi

    Dr. Sumbul Naqvi is a graduate of Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Upon graduation, she was awarded one of the most prestigious awards called the Joseph P. Speranza award, given to her because of her ongoing compassion in treating her patients.

    Outside the office, Dr. Naqvi serves on the board of Framingham Downtown Renaissance. She works with other board members and local business owners in making Downtown Framingham a better place to live, work and visit.

    Dr. Naqvi is also lifelong yoga practitioner and a runner. She is a member of The Greater Framingham Running Club. She loves meditating and is in the process of developing a meditation and wellness program with her staff. Her mission is “Wellness to All!” She wants to see everyone with whom she connects with to live a happy and fulfilled life.

    Dr. Michael Ofir 

    dr ofir 324 x 367

    Dr. Michael Ofir is a general dentist. He started his journey in dentistry in Russia and then went back to school in the USA. He is a graduate of Tufts University and has over 18 years of experience. Dr. Ofir trained under the best surgeons over his career. He also did a lot of community services and worked at prisons to help prisoners get out of pain. Dr. Ofir does all the complex wisdom teeth extractions, places implants and does specialized cases like All on 4’s and implant retained dentures. Dr. Naqvi and Dr. Ofir have worked together since 2006! 

    Dr. Ofir comes to our office every Wednesday. 

    Our staff is all aware that Dr. Ofir’s patients come in scared and crying and leave laughing after surgery. This is how great he is with his patients. His patients who he extracted teeth on over 10 years ago still ask about him as they remember how well he took care of them! Dr. Ofir has also placed implants on Dr. Naqvi’s husband and father!

    He lives with his wife and 2 kids in Brookline. 

    Dr. Jaqueline Jacobson

    Dr. Jacobson has been an Endodontist (Root Canal Specialist) for over 20 years. She went to the best specialist program at Boston University,and was trained under the specialist who has set protocols that are now followed all over the world! Dr. Jacobson uses a specialized microscope to treat all her root canal cases. This is special technology that gets to the root of the infection. This is why her success rate in doing root canals is 99.99%. This means that her treatment has a very high success. If you talk to her patients after the procedure they will all tell you that it was painless and they did not feel a thing!