Meet Dr. Sumbul Naqvi

Dr. Sumbul Naqvi is a graduate of Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Upon graduation, she was awarded one of the most prestigious awards called the Joseph P. Speranza award, given to her because of her ongoing compassion in treating her patients.

Dr. Naqvi is also very active in lobbying on her patients’ behalf to help with better insurance benefits. She regularly goes to Beacon Hill and meets her local representatives to discuss these issues. Dr. Naqvi believes that she must be the voice of her patients about the ongoing rise of insurance premiums while coverage continues dropping.

Outside the office, Dr. Naqvi serves on the board of Framingham Downtown Renaissance. She works with other board members and local business owners in making Downtown Framingham a better place to live, work and visit.

Dr. Naqvi is also lifelong yoga practitioner and a runner. She is a member of The Greater Framingham Running Club. She loves meditating and is in the process of developing a meditation and wellness program with her staff. Her mission is “Wellness to All!” She wants to see everyone with whom she connects with to live a happy and fulfilled life.

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