Transform Your Gummy Smile with Gum Contouring

October 15th, 2020

People with a gummy smile are often self-conscious about their appearance. Excessive gum tissue is a defining characteristic, and you can feel like that’s all people are seeing when they watch you smile. Some people embrace this quirk; others would do anything to make it go away. The good news: Gum contouring is a simple and easy way to transform a gummy smile into a proportional smile that makes you look and feel better.


There are many possible causes of a gummy smile, including:

·         Poorly erupted teeth: If adult teeth do not erupt properly or fully, they may remain partially covered by gum tissue, creating the illusion of short teeth.

·         Overgrown upper jaw: In a condition known as vertical maxillary excess, the gums will bulge out because of an overgrown upper jaw.

·         Short or high lip: Lip size can influence gum size. If the upper lip is hypermobile (too short) or hyperactive (lifts too high when smiling), more gum tissue will be visible.

·         Enlarged gums: Gum overgrowth is known as gingival enlargement or gingival hypertrophy. This is a common feature of gingivitis, the earliest stage of gum disease. Inflamed and swollen gums are the result and, if this is what you’re dealing with, the infection will need to be addressed before any cosmetic dentistry can proceed.

·         Genetics: Some people are simply dealt the DNA of too much gum tissue.


Gum contouring can take place in one dental visit in about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. The minimally invasive procedure involves the use of a sophisticated dental laser that trims and recontours the gum tissue. This device is carefully set to remove just the right amount of excess gum, maneuvering around the teeth gently but quickly, removing tissue permanently and neatly reshaping the gum line.

Though the idea of cutting away the gums can sound daunting, the laser procedure makes this treatment more comfortable than it’s ever been and healing from gum contouring is fast. The result is a balanced smile that looks natural and flatters. Editing your gums can lengthen short teeth and equalize uneven gum line for immediate, dramatic results.


One of the recommendations your cosmetic dentist may make is that you consider porcelain veneers along with gum contouring. Together, these two treatments create a smile that is stunning and flawless.

When you eliminate excess gum tissue, you also reveal tooth enamel that has never seen the light of day. It may not blend perfectly with the rest of your tooth enamel, which could be stained, discolored, or otherwise imperfect from years of use.

Veneers can highlight your newly enhanced gum line and eliminate all the aesthetic complaints you’ve ever had about your natural teeth. Veneers, just like the gum contouring treatment, are customized to your unique smile needs.

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