Custom Night Guards for Bruxism

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    Waking up with headaches, sore teeth, and an aching jaw are clear signs that you grind and clench your teeth while sleeping. A common problem that many people experience chronically, or temporarily in times of high stress, teeth grinding is easily treatable with a customized night guard. At Atlantis Dental in Framingham, MA, we strive to deliver the most appropriate and conservative treatment that will protect your oral health, improve your quality of sleep, and eliminate pain and discomfort.

    Oral Health Problems Caused by Teeth Grinding

    Teeth grinding is an unconscious habit that is guaranteed to cause damage to your teeth, gums, jaw joints, and muscles over time. Teeth are the hardest substance in our bodies, and while they can withstand a tremendous amount of force, they also deliver a powerful amount of force when they come together.

    Under normal circumstances, your teeth should only hit each other with any real force for about five minutes a day. Typical chewing involves brief intervals of contact between top and bottom tooth enamel and these durable surfaces will only wear at nearly undetectable rates if regular action is taking place. When activity is beyond the norm – meaning, teeth are coming together fiercely and unconsciously while you are sleeping, the side effects can be many:

    • Gum recession
    • Flattened, worn enamel
    • Damaged dental work
    • Cracked or broken teeth
    • Popping or clicking jaw joints
    • Tenderness when biting or chewing
    • Headaches
    • Chronic pain

    Causes of Sleep Bruxism

    Nighttime teeth grinding is also known as sleep bruxism. Chronic bruxism is a teeth-grinding habit that may occur because of misalignment or a problem with their temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Other patients only grind their teeth during times of extreme stress. It is important to identify the source of the problem so the right kind of dental care can be recommended.

    For many patients, a night guard is the obvious, easy, and fast path to immediate relief from teeth grinding. For others, a course of Invisalign treatment and jaw alignment can stop the problem. Most people are happy to be fitted with a customized appliance to minimize their symptoms and side effects as soon as possible.

    Benefits of a Customized Night Guard

    If your Framingham dentist determines that you are a good candidate for a night guard, she will take impressions of your teeth and the molds will be sent to a dental lab. Your unique appliance will be created to your exact specifications and will deliver the following perks:

    • Immediate relief from teeth grinding
    • Small, unobtrusive size
    • Made of clear, smooth plastic
    • Snug fit
    • Durable
    • Full coverage
    • Protects upper and lower teeth from each other
    • Comfortable to wear while sleeping

    Night guards are considered a method of preventive dental care. When you suffer from sleep bruxism or teeth grinding, your oral health can deteriorate quickly. Simply wearing a customized night guard while you sleep can eliminate pain, discomfort, and stop damage in its tracks.

    Get a Night Guard from Your Framingham Dentist

    Without treatment or intervention, the dental problems caused by teeth grinding will be acute and unavoidable. A cracked tooth is more than a cracked tooth – it’s a space for bacteria and food particles to invade, which could result in root canal therapy, a porcelain crown, or even extraction. A mouth guard protects you from timely and costly dental restorations, stops avoidable dental problems from coming to life, and maintains your oral health.

    You may be tempted to invest in a boil-and-bite night guard that can be purchased over the counter, but these one-size-fits-all solutions are flawed. The fit is not precise, which can lead to even more oral health complications, and the appliance itself does not have longevity. A customized night guard from Atlantis Dental, designed just for your mouth and oral health needs, can last for decades with proper care and storage.

    Don’t suffer from the side effects of teeth grinding. Schedule your appointment at our Framingham dental office to get fitted for your own night guard. Protect your oral health and eliminate pain with one simple solution.