Dental Implants Cost

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    dental implants cost

    The cost of any dental restoration is one of the biggest concerns that all patients have. The expected dental implants cost is worth the investment as they have restored the oral health of the many people who undergo this advanced procedure. At Atlantis Dental in Framingham, MA, we offer dental implants to qualified patients to help them rebuild their smiles and confidence.

    Cost Factors for Dental Implants

    Every patient’s dental restoration will be priced to match their unique oral health needs. Dental implants costs can vary tremendously because there are many elements that go into determining the final price, including:

    • How many implants are used
    • Type of implant
    • Where the implants are placed
    • Whether bone grafts are necessary
    • Whether teeth need to be extracted
    • Types of materials used
    • Oral sedation
    • The dentist’s experience
    • Location of the dental practice

    Prices and Dental Implants Costs

    Dental implant costs will seem high, and this procedure is indeed on the top end of dental procedures. However, this treatment should be considered an incredible, lifelong investment in your well-being. Dental implants, after all, are permanent restorations. They eliminate the need for denture adhesives or impermanent appliances. Once you undergo this treatment, you will never need to worry about the solidity and health of those teeth again. Your smile will be healthier, stronger, more attractive, and fully functional.

    The average amounts noted here are out-of-pocket costs before dental insurance is taken into consideration. Depending on your dental coverage, you could see a very different bottom line, which makes dental implants a very exciting, affordable option for many people.

    • In general, a patient can expect one dental implant to cost between $1,000 to $3,000.
    • The abutment fitted on the implant and the crown customized to put on top of the abutment can range from $500 to $3,000.
    • The total expected cost then for each implant is typically between $1,500 and $6,000.
    • These estimates typically include the surgery and consultation, but you will want to ask your dentist to break down oral sedation costs and any other particulars specific to your case.
    • If you are getting multiple single dental implants or a full arch of implant-supported dentures,  these costs will multiply.

    Making Dental Implants Affordable

    Your Framingham dentist knows you have concerns about the costs of your dental implants, which is why at Atlantis Dental we offer multiple financing options to make this life-changing restoration possible for everyone who is a good candidate.

    We accept most insurance plans and, because dental implants are a restorative treatment and not considered cosmetic, there is often insurance coverage available for this procedure. Clients of Atlantis Dental are also eligible for our easy financial arrangements which include flexible monthly payment plans, low-interest financing, and discounts for treatment prepayment.

    Get Dental Implants in Framingham

    If you have missing teeth – whether it’s one tooth, a few teeth, or an entire arch of teeth – schedule a consultation to find out what dental restorations are right for you. Maybe you’re already a denture wearer and you are tired of the instability of dentures – implants could restore not only your smile but your quality of life.

    There are multiple types of dental implants available, from single implants to implant-supported dentures. Dr. Sumbul Naqvi at Atlantis Dental in Framingham, Massachusetts will conduct a thorough examination of your oral health and present all viable options, so you can settle together on a solution that fits your budget and delivers the most effective dental restoration.