Dental Implants

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    If you are missing one or more teeth because of gum disease, an accident, sports injury, extraction, or otherwise, a dental implant is the permanent way to restore your smile. Customized in all ways, implants are surgically placed in the jawbone to for a functional and aesthetic repair. At Atlantis Dental, Dr. Naqvi uses the most advanced technology and equipment to give you a complete, beautiful smile.

    The Dental Implant Procedure

    The entire dental implant procedure takes time and patience. The actual treatment takes place in two parts, but preparation and healing must also be taken into consideration. Here is what you can expect:

    Evaluation: Before any dental restorations can take place, you must undergo a thorough exam to ensure that you are a good candidate for dental implants.

    Preparation: Digital x-rays, 3D mapping, models, photographs, and case guides show the amount of bone density and help guide the placement of the implants. If gum disease or other infections are present, they will need to be treated and cleared up completely before surgery can take place.

    Implantation: The implant is a small, manmade root, typically made of titanium, that is surgically placed in the jawbone to take the place of the missing tooth’s root.

    Healing: Several weeks to months must pass to allow the surgical site, jaw, and incision to fully heal. Your dentist must confirm that the implant has successfully integrated and fused with the bone and is secure.

    Placement: The post that is attached to the dental implant is topped with a custom-made prosthetic tooth, crown, bridge, or denture, depending on how many teeth need to be replaced. The prosthesis is color-matched so it looks natural and is indistinguishable from your other teeth.

    In many cases, a temporary crown or temporary dentures can be placed at the time of the implant surgery so you can smile confidently immediately and do not have to wait months for your smile to be complete.

    The Benefits of A Dental Implant

    There are many ways to replace missing teeth, including dental bridges and dentures. What many dental patients want though is the most effective, long-lasting, secure solution – that’s dental implants. Here are just some of the benefits dental implants deliver:

    Security: Dental implants, once securely fused place in the jawbone, aren’t going anywhere. The wearer can always trust that their teeth are strong and they can eat and speak without worry.

    Comfort: Once implants are in place and fully healed, they will feel comfortable and normal. You’ll get used to the change quickly and forget that you’re even living with a restoration.

    Strength: Many missing teeth are a big problem, but so is just one missing tooth. Nearby teeth are in jeopardy of shifting around when there is a hole in your smile, threatening the solidity of your entire oral health.

    Refreshed appearance: Missing teeth not only affect your mouth, they impact your appearance too. Face shape can change when teeth are absent. Some people develop a hollow or shrunken look. Dental implants enhance facial tissues to make you look younger. A complete smile keeps you looking young and healthy too.

    Full functionality: When you have all your teeth thanks to securely implanted restorations, you can eat whatever you want without concerns about your teeth moving out of place.

    Confidence: A complete smile makes you look better and feel better. There is no substitute for true self-confidence, and having a smile you’re proud of will give you courage in every social, professional, or personal situation.

    Are You a Good Candidate for Dental Implant in Framingham?

    If you are living with missing teeth, it’s time to repair your smile and make it whole again. At Atlantis Dental, we use the latest imaging, advanced training, and unique material technologies to deliver one of the best values and services in modern healthcare.

    Contact your Framingham dentist today to discuss dental implants and find out if you’re a good candidate for this dental restoration.