Broken Tooth

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    Fixing a Broken Tooth

    broken tooth

    A broken tooth is a big problem. Whether the break is big or small, any damage can lead to severe oral health complications and the need for multiple restorative dentistry treatments. Consider every broken tooth a dental emergency and contact Atlantis Dental in Framingham, MA, right away to find out the next best steps to preserve your tooth and stop your discomfort.

    Repairs for a Broken Tooth

    A broken tooth can be caused by anything from a car accident to a sports injury, using your teeth as a tool to teeth grinding, deteriorating dental work to weak tooth enamel. The cause of the break matters because if the problem has occurred because of a chronic oral health issue – like grinding your teeth at night – the tooth needs to be fixed and preventive measures need to be put in place too.

    Your Framingham dentist will select the most appropriate dental restoration for your unique circumstances, but the most common repairs for a broken tooth include the following:

    • Tooth-colored filling: Conservative repairs are always the first choice of your dentist and sometimes a minor tooth break can get the job done and repair a broken tooth. This composite resin material is durable and customized to blend in with tooth enamel for an attractive and solid repair.
    • Porcelain crown: If a tooth’s break is so large that it cannot be successfully replaced with a tooth-colored filling, a porcelain crown is customized to fit over the entire tooth. This restoration covers the break and protects the rest of the tooth from deterioration.
    • Inlay or onlay: When a crown is too big of a repair but a filling might not be enough, an inlay or onlay – sometimes referred to as a partial crown – can be customized to fit your tooth and stabilize the tooth structure.
    • Dental bonding: Another conservative restoration, dental bonding is like a tooth-colored filling but works best on teeth that have breaks just on the surface of the tooth. It is a non-invasive procedure that can be done quickly and is often an excellent solution for a cosmetic issue.
    • Extraction: Pulling the tooth is a last resort, and your dentist will do everything possible to save a tooth before extracting it. However, if a tooth is badly broken all the way down to the root, an extraction may be necessary to prevent additional dental complications later. The missing tooth can eventually be replaced with a dental implant or dental bridge.

    It’s so important to get a broken tooth repaired as soon as possible. Whether there is a hairline crack or a major break, there is room for bacteria and food particles to find their way into the tooth, and this can lead to even bigger oral health problems.

    Cost Factors for Fixing a Broken Tooth

    The cost factors for fixing a tooth will vary for every patient and depend on:

    • The severity of the broken tooth
    • The type of repair that needs to be made
    • How many repairs need to be made
    • Materials used for the treatments
    • Location of the dental office

    Easy financial arrangements are possible through Atlantis Dental and flexible monthly payment plans through Sunbit Financing. We accept most dental insurance  and, depending on your plan, you may have some coverage for a broken tooth.

    Get Emergency Dentistry in Framingham, MA

    If you have a broken tooth, contact Atlantis Dental immediately to find out what you should do. Your break may be minor or severe, but your dentist wants to hear from you either way so she can determine if you need to be seen and treated immediately.

    The goal is to stop your pain, correct the acute problem, and carry out restorations that will prevent further breaks or deterioration. Contact our Framingham, MA, dental office to schedule your appointment.