4 Signs You Might Need Restorative Dentistry

There are clear signs when something is wrong with your oral health, like tooth pain or a broken tooth. But there are also subtler signs that point to a need for restorative dentistry. If you get help sooner rather than later from your Framingham dentist, you are less likely to need more invasive or more extensive dental repairs.

Here are just some of the signs you might need restorative dentistry.

1. You have silver fillings.

Your teeth are fine. You don’t have any complaints at the moment. But your mouth is populated by silver amalgam fillings. Not only are these restorations unsightly, they’re dangerous. Silver fillings contain toxic mercury which, over time, can leach out of the fillings and into your system. Amalgam fillings are also unstable and expand and contract with heat and cold, potentially leading to tooth cracks and turning the gums a grayish color. Replacing silver fillings with tooth-colored fillings is the smart choice for protecting your oral health.

2. You grind your teeth.

Grinding and clenching your teeth is a bad habit but, unfortunately, it’s a mostly unconscious one, so most people need dental intervention like a customized night guard to stop the problem from occurring and prevent negative side effects. There are many dental complications that can develop from teeth grinding that will eventually demand restorative dentistry, like broken teeth, worn tooth enamel, damaged dental work, and gum recession.

3. Your gums hurt.

Gum disease starts small and occurs in stages. If you see your dentist every six months as recommended, they will notice when gingivitis has kicked in and address the problem immediately with a meticulous deep cleaning and maybe even antibiotics. Without proper treatment for gum disease, the problem will only progress and lead to tooth loss.

4. You avoid the dentist.

Some people don’t go to the dentist. They figure if they brush and floss their teeth at home every day and no problems are evident, all is well. Unfortunately, there could be plenty happening in your mouth that you’re unaware of and, eventually, it will catch up with you. Regular dental visits are an opportunity to have your teeth carefully cleaned by a dental hygienist.

During these appointments you will also undergo a dental exam to ensure that everything looks fine with your teeth and gums and there are no signs of decay, gum disease, cracks, or other problems. Your Framingham dentist will also perform an oral cancer screening.

Avoiding the dentist doesn’t save you from having to spend time at the dentist – it sets you up for needing to spend more time there than ever, because without professional oral health care you are in danger of major oral health problems.

Make your teeth and gums a priority. Contact Atlantis Dental in Framingham, MA, to schedule your appointment. If you have concerns about your oral health, it’s time to talk restorative dentistry and find out what treatments are right for you.