5 Signs of a Dental Emergency

When you have a problem with your teeth, most of the time it will not go away on its own. You need the help of your Framingham dentist to correct the issue or ease the pain. Sometimes, though, you may wonder if you have a true dental emergency. There are some signs that point solidly to yes, but if you’re ever in doubt, contact your dentist immediately for advice and, if necessary, a same-day appointment.

  1. Dislodged or Loose Tooth
    If you have been in an accident or suffered trauma to the mouth and your tooth is loose or dislodged, it’s a time-sensitive issue. This is a serious dental emergency and without immediate intervention you could lose your tooth. It’s essential to call your dentist right away so the problem can be addressed quickly and the negative aftermath can be minimized.
  2. Severe, Throbbing Tooth Pain
    Signs of a tooth infection or abscess are clear and unpleasant. A severe and persistent throbbing toothache, with pain that can radiate to the jawbone, neck, or ear are major signs of an infection. People can suffer major sensitivity, especially to temperature, as well as fever, swelling, and even swollen lymph nodes. A tooth infection is not only a serious dental emergency, it’s a medical one, and you want to contact your Framingham dentist right away for attention.
  3. Tooth Sensitivity
    Tooth sensitivity can be caused by many things, from grinding your teeth to a fleeting reaction to cold or hot foods. The time for concern is when the sensitivity or toothache is ongoing. That means something isn’t right within your tooth or under the gumline and a dental intervention may be necessary. A tooth-colored filling or root canal therapy may be in your future, but the sooner you get attention for your oral health problem, the less in-depth the repair is likely to have to be.
  4. Chipped Tooth
    Did you suffer a blow to the mouth? Were you in an accident? A sports injury, fall, or even biting down wrong on something can chip a tooth. This problem is alarming, but it isn’t always an emergency. The severity of the chip will determine whether your dentist needs to see you immediately. If the problem is merely cosmetic, it can sometimes wait a day or two so you don’t have to rush to make an appointment.
  5. Broken Dental Work
    If your dental crown comes off, dental bridge breaks, a filling falls out, or dentures crack, always call your dentist right away. A tooth that has already undergone restorative dentistry is vulnerable – when that repair fails, the tooth is susceptible to complications the longer you wait to have it repaired. Plus, a broken restoration is unsightly, and you’ll want to have that fixed as soon as possible. Your appointment might not need to happen on the same day, but your dentist will want to see you as soon as possible.


Do not delay when you have an oral health problem. Avoiding the dentist can only lead to larger problems, like tooth loss or hospitalization from infection. Dental problems do not get better on their own and the sooner a dentist intervenes, the sooner you can get relief from pain and discomfort.

If you are suffering from a dental emergency, contact Atlantis Dental in Framingham, MA, and we will see you on the same working day.